We knows well that no one was perfect in this world,  every humans have certain mode of attitude and behavior. We may have certain expectations based on their physical appearance,  this may not be right at every moment

Love was a thing which we have to compromise and adjust many thing. This module of adjustment will creates a massive impact in your affection this can also enrich your understanding and acceptance.

Keep in mind that the heart with one was the more precious that can’t be replaced by anything in this world physical appearance may deplete and destroy automatically once  days moves  but heart remains.

So please try to creates a strong impact have a special place in your partners heart which lasts longer in your life.


YouTube Uncensored Content Running in Democratic Platform

YouTube Uncensored Content. YouTube is Running in Democratic Platform with Uncensored Content  Basically YouTube won’t censor the contents directly The content sharing will be responded only based on the maximum selection of flags through the community guidelines The videos will be flagged according towards the request of the local government.


IBM and Tamilnadu Govt Joined Together To Set Command Center

Tamilnadu Government is paired up along IBM to setup its cloud based intelligence operations command center. Weather forecasting is done to avoid the worst situation which came in Chennai. Well known as the name of Chennai floods in the year of 2015. IBM Command Center soon will come to Chennai.

Bharathi Airtel Reply To Reliance Jio For Call Failures

Airtel Reply To jio call failures

Bharathi Airtel answered for the Jio call failures while connecting. That Airtel stated that it’s the internal deficiency of Jio network.  Which can’t provide the required signal to connect its voice call with Airtel this leads to Two Crore calls failure in a single day.

Flip Kart Successfully Grasped More Than 100 Million Customers

Flipkart is became as the first e-commerce company to crosses the target of having more than 100 million registered users. Flipkart started its service in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Its a Singapore registered company. Flip Kart Successfully Grasped More than 100 Million Customers in INDIA..

FIR say Ramkumar Broken the Switch Board

The murder case of the software engineer Swathi, Ramkumar was arrested and as culprit and kept in the prison for further procedures, whom commits a suicide inside the prison by biting electricity wires, now the medical team were planned to go another autopsy towards third judge.

Supreme Courts Prohibited To Install CCTV Cameras In Maharashtra’s Bar

Supreme Courts Prohibited To Install CCTV Cameras In Maharashtra’s Bar. Supreme court accepted the request of bar owners that there will be a lack of privacy while monitoring them by installing CCTV cameras in dance bar, and also SC permitted those whom having the license may follow the old dance bar rules of Maharashtra.


Chennai Metro Rail Will Runs From Koyambedu To Chennai Airport

Chennai Metro Rail Will Runs From Koyambedu To Chennai Airport. Chief Minister Jayalalitha inaugurated the metro rail which is Successfully ran across towards Little Mount, Guindy, Alandur, Nanganallur Road, Meenambakkam and Chennai airport.