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More than 1,30,000 medicines that are prescribed world over are listed for the guidance of Doctors, patients, Pharmacist and Nurses…etc. at MediaDon.In.

Every medicine is described with its composition, side effects, uses, interactions and working. Also few substitutes are also given based purely on compositions.

List of Medicine and Information – recently added

1 Al AX Capsule
1 Al Max Tablet
1 Al Plus Capsule
1 Al Syrup
1 Al Tablet
1 Al Total Suspension
1 Al Total Tablet
1 Valowin 200 Tablet
10 D Infusion
10 PM Tablet
10% Dextrose Infusion
10% Dextrose With Nacl Solution Infusion
11 PM Tablet
11 PMXT Tablet
12 Rene Capsule
123 Tablet
1M Cream
1M Hygiene Soap
1M Liquid
1M Moisturising Wash Cream
1St Aid Liquid
1St Aid Plast
1St Aid Tape Bandage
1St CAL Z Syrup
2 B12 Capsule
2 Baconil Tts10 Patch
2 Baconil Tts20 Patch
2 Baconil Tts30 Patch
2 Calm Tablet
2 Clav Tablet
2 Clox Capsule
2 D Suspension
2 D Tablet
2 Dep Tablet
2 Flora Capsule
2 Pam 1 Injection
2 Pen D Syrup
2 Pen Dry Syrup
2 Pen Injection
2 Pen LB Capsule
2 Pen LB DT Tablet
2 Pen LB Syrup
2 Pen LB Tablet
2 Pin Tablet
20 Famoflam Tablet
20% Dextrose Infusion
24 By 7 Syrup
24 By 7 T Syrup
25 D Infusion
25% Dextrose Infusion

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Recently added Diseases

Abnormal growth of tissue
Abnormal growth of white blood cells
Abnormal hardening of body tissue
Abnormal heart rate
Abnormal heart rhythm

Acne rosacea
Acne treatments
Acne vulgaris

Acute asthma
Acute asthma in children
Acute bronchitis
Acute calcium deficiency

Acute migraine
Acute migraine attacks
Acute migraine pain


Adrenal glands disorders
Adrenal insufficiency
Adrenocortical cancer

Advanced Breast cancer
Advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women

AIDS related cancer cells
AIDS related muscle wasting

Allergic diseases
Allergic disorders