10 PM Tablet

10 PM Tablet is a medicine prescibed for patients with indications like: High blood pressure , Penis erection...etc

The active salts of 10 PM Tablet medicine are: Sildenafil (25 mg)...etc

This medicine information describes its working pharmacology, uses, side effects, precautions to be taken before taking..etc

10 PM Tablet - Composition

Sildenafil (25 mg)...

Composition of 10 PM Tablet

10 PM Tablet - Working

Relaxing the blood vessels in the penis and it widens the blood vessels in the lung....

Working of 10 PM Tablet

10 PM Tablet - Side Effects

Stuffy nose, Visual disorders, Facial redness, Feeling of warmth, Headache, Dizziness, Indigestion...

Side Effects of 10 PM Tablet

10 PM Tablet - Uses

High blood pressure , Penis erection...

Uses of 10 PM Tablet

10 PM Tablet - Precautions

Avoid drinking alcohol, Consult a doctor if you have bleeding disorders, active peptic ulceration, anatomical deformation of the penis, hepatic or severe renal impairment, heart disorders or retinal disorders, Consult a doctor in case you have an er...

Precautions of 10 PM Tablet

10 PM Tablet - Interactions

Amlodipine, Amyl nitrite, Cimetidine, Doxazosin, Erythromycin, Nitrates...

Interactions of 10 PM Tablet

10 PM Tablet - Contra Indications

Hypersensitivity, Organic nitrate therapy, Use of nitrate drug for chest pain or heart problems...

Contra Indications of 10 PM Tablet

10 PM Tablet - Subsitiutes

11 PM Tablet, 123 Tablet, 90E Tablet, Adams Delite Tablet, Aerogra Tablet, Agra Tablet, Airbus Tablet, Alivher Tablet, Alpink Tablet, Alsigra Tablet, Androz Tablet, Anytime Tablet, Assurans FC Tablet, Assurans Tablet, Atlagra Tablet, Bigfun Jelly Tablet,...

Subsitiutes of 10 PM Tablet

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