Side effects of 1 Valowin 200 Tablet

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Every chemical, medicine like 1 Valowin 200 Tablet has its own side effects i.e cause few disturbances. Always Doctors know this side effects of 1 Valowin 200 Tablet and prescibe more medicines along with 1 Valowin 200 Tablet to nullify these side effects
The list of few side effects due to taking 1 Valowin 200 Tablet is given below:

Bone marrow depression
Decrease in number of white blood cells
Deficiency of platelets in the blood
Discomfort in the stomach
Disorder which affects blood
Drug-induced movement disorders
Excess ammonia in the blood
Extremely tired
Gastrointestinal disorders
Hair loss
Inflammation of liver
Inflammation of the pancreas
Involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation
Liver damage
Nighttime urinary incontinence
Weight gain