Substitues of 1 Al AX Capsule

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Few of the substitues, alternate or equivalent medicines of 1 Al AX Capsule are given below:
These medicines may be considered as equalivalent or alternative to 1 Al AX Capsule as they may contain some of the ingredients.

Authority to confirm these 1 Al AX Capsule substitutes is only your Doctor or pharmacist.

Airitis Plus Capsule
Dilovent Capsule
Duralyn Cc Cr Capsule
L Alerid AX Capsule
L Cetron A Capsule
Lazine Plus Capsule
Levozon A Capsule
Relent L Capsule
Relent OD Capsule
Xevor Plus Capsule
XL Capsule

Important advice:
1. The list of substitutes given here are only approximate not exact.
2. The list of substitutes of 1 Al AX Capsule is prepared by comparing the generics and or ingredients only.
3. You must approach your substitues or Doctor or pharmacist to confirm the accuracy before taking these substitutes.
4. The website does not guarantee for the accuracy or correctness of this information.