Substitues of 1 Al Max Tablet

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Few of the substitues, alternate or equivalent medicines of 1 Al Max Tablet are given below:
These medicines may be considered as equalivalent or alternative to 1 Al Max Tablet as they may contain some of the ingredients.

Authority to confirm these 1 Al Max Tablet substitutes is only your Doctor or pharmacist.

Abolish M Tablet
Acolate M Kid Tablet
Airlung Tablet
Airtek Tablet
Akair Lc Kid Tablet
Akair Lc Tablet
Alerdain M Kid DT Tablet
Alerdain M Tablet
Alerfix M Tablet
Alersin M Tablet
Alidil M Tablet
Allercet M Kid Tablet
Allercet M Tablet
Allerdest M Tablet
Allerkast Lc Tablet
Allerkast Tablet
Allermax Tablet
Allersmart M Tablet
Allrite M Tablet
Alocet M Tablet
Alzero M Kid Tablet
Alzero M Tablet
Amizin M Tablet
Ancer Lm Tablet
Arokast Tablet
Betawin M Tablet
Breaze L Kid Tablet
Breaze L Tablet
Brunda M Tablet
Celkast Tablet
Cetrite Plus Kid Tablet
Cetrite Plus Tablet
Cetsafe M Tablet
Citrosis Lm Tablet
Clavicet M Tablet
Coekastle A Tablet
Coekastle Kid Tablet
Coekastle Tablet
Conte M Tablet
Criz M Kid Tablet
Criz M Tablet
Ebmont L Tablet
Elcicast Tablet
Emkay Lc Tablet
Fluencia L Kid Tablet
Fluencia L Tablet
Hhlevo M Kid Tablet
Hhlevo M Tablet
Imont L Tablet
Incid Ultra Tablet
Infinair Ld Dt Tablet
Infinair Tablet
Izi Plus Tablet
Jotair L Tablet
Koltus M Kid Tablet
Kurecet M Tablet
L Hist Mont Tablet
L Montus Ab Tablet
L Montus Flash Tablet
L Montus Tablet
L24 M Tablet
Lasma Lc Kid Tablet
Lasma Lc Tablet
Laveta M Tablet

Important advice:
1. The list of substitutes given here are only approximate not exact.
2. The list of substitutes of 1 Al Max Tablet is prepared by comparing the generics and or ingredients only.
3. You must approach your substitues or Doctor or pharmacist to confirm the accuracy before taking these substitutes.
4. The website does not guarantee for the accuracy or correctness of this information.