Substitues of 1 Al Syrup

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Few of the substitues, alternate or equivalent medicines of 1 Al Syrup are given below:
These medicines may be considered as equalivalent or alternative to 1 Al Syrup as they may contain some of the ingredients.

Authority to confirm these 1 Al Syrup substitutes is only your Doctor or pharmacist.

Airitis Syrup
Airtis Syrup
Alertus Syrup
Alevict Syrup
Allercet L Syrup
Allerhin L Syrup
Cerzin L Syrup
Cetimax Syrup
Cetley Syrup
Elate Syr Syrup
Elriz Syrup
Enocet Lv Syrup
Flamoset Syrup
Glenzal Syrup
Greencet Syrup
Hatric Syrup
Helcet Syrup
Hicet L Syrup
L Alerid Syrup
L Cet Allenge Syrup
L Cet Syrup
L Cetramac Syrup
L Cetron Syrup
L Citrimin Syrup
L Hist Syrup
Lancizin L Syrup
Laveta Syrup
Lazine Syrup
Lc Syrup
Lcz Syrup
Le Zyncet Syrup
Lecenta Syrup
Lecet Syrup
Lecezin Syrup
Lecope Syrup
Leet Syrup
Lenovo Syrup
Leoriv Syrup
Lerit Syrup
Levo Setride Syrup
Levoc Syrup
Levocet Syrup
Levocetzine Syrup
Levomast Syrup
Levorid Syrup
Levotin Syrup
Levotrig Syrup
Levozin Syrup
Lezer Syrup
Lezyncet Syrup
Lmv Syrup
Locet L Syrup
Lvt Syrup
Mecocet Syrup
Mozzy Syrup
Ralzine Syrup
Rincet L Syrup
Teczine Syrup
Viocet Syrup
Visle Syrup
Vozet Syrup
Wincet P Syrup
Winliv Syrup
Xyzal Syrup

Important advice:
1. The list of substitutes given here are only approximate not exact.
2. The list of substitutes of 1 Al Syrup is prepared by comparing the generics and or ingredients only.
3. You must approach your substitues or Doctor or pharmacist to confirm the accuracy before taking these substitutes.
4. The website does not guarantee for the accuracy or correctness of this information.