Substitues of 1 Al Tablet

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Few of the substitues, alternate or equivalent medicines of 1 Al Tablet are given below:
These medicines may be considered as equalivalent or alternative to 1 Al Tablet as they may contain some of the ingredients.

Authority to confirm these 1 Al Tablet substitutes is only your Doctor or pharmacist.

5 Riz Tablet
Aciliv Tablet
Adicure Tablet
Adlevocet Tablet
Ah Plus Tablet
Airitis Tablet
Airtis Tablet
Al 5 Tablet
Alcare L Tablet
Alcetra Tablet
Alci Tablet
Alcikam Tablet
Alcit Tablet
Alday Active Tablet
Aldbest Tablet
Aldine Tablet
Alercy Tablet
Alerfix Tablet
Alergid L Tablet
Alerkab Tablet
Alert L Tablet
Alertin Tablet
Alertriz Tablet
Alertus Tablet
Alervo Tablet
Alerwin Tablet
Aleva Tablet
Alevict Plus Tablet
Alevict Tablet
Alevoz Tablet
Alexfix Tablet
Alext Tablet
Alid L Tablet
Alidil Tablet
All 3 Tablet
Allcet Dc Tablet
Allcet Tablet
Alle Tablet
Allegone Tablet
Allercet L Tablet
Allerdest Tablet
Allerhin L Tablet
Allersan Tablet
Allervict Tablet
Allerzine L Tablet
Alles Tablet
Allfit Tablet
Allorid Tablet
Allrite Tablet
Alquit L Tablet
Altamine Tablet
Altase Tablet
Alticet Tablet
Altin Le Tablet
Altriz Tablet
Alvicet Tablet
Alzene Tablet
Alzero FC Tablet
Alzero Tablet
Amlergic Tablet
Ancer L Tablet
Anticet Tablet
Aplev Tablet
Apzin Tablet

Important advice:
1. The list of substitutes given here are only approximate not exact.
2. The list of substitutes of 1 Al Tablet is prepared by comparing the generics and or ingredients only.
3. You must approach your substitues or Doctor or pharmacist to confirm the accuracy before taking these substitutes.
4. The website does not guarantee for the accuracy or correctness of this information.