Biology - Part 2 Online Exam Quiz

Biology - Part 2 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Biology - Part 2. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Biology - Part 2

The innermost part of a flower is known as


A : Pistils

B : Sepals

C : Stamens

D : Petals

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Cartilaginous joints are found in which part of the human body


A : Between two vertebrae

B : Knee

C : Between the carpels

D : Between metacarpels

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Free nuclear endosperm is found in which of the following


A : Groundnut

B : Sweet Pea

C : Castor

D : Coconut

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The concept of linkage was proposed by


A : G.J. Mendal

B : Bateson and Punnett

C : Hardy Weinberg

D : Charles Darwin

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Which of the following cells secrete antibodies


A : All leucocytes

B : All lymphocytes

C : B-lymphocytes

D : T-lymphocytes

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Which of the following phyla is classified on the basis of their skull cavities


A : Pisces

B : Amphibia

C : Aves

D : Reptilia

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When a foreign DNA segment is inserted into DNA molecules of a vector, it is called


A : transposon

B : promoter

C : chimeric DNA

D : shuttle vector

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The monosaccharides that comprise the major portion of honey are


A : Glucose and sucrose

B : Fructose and glucose

C : Galactose and fructose

D : Maltose and galactose

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Where is peritrophic membrane present in Periplaneta


A : in oral cavity

B : in the mid-gut

C : outer to gut

D : present around salivary glands

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Which of the following is absent in plant cells


A : Cell wall

B : Plastids

C : Centrioles

D : Large central vacuole

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