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How does eclipse provide the capability for debugging browser actions?


A : internal web browser

B : chrome web browser

C : firefox web browser

D : internet explorer browser

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What happens when the value of variable change?


A : changed value pop on the screen

B : variable changes are printed in logs

C : dump of variable changes are printed on the screen on end of execution

D : variable tab shows variables highlighted when values change

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What is debugging an application which runs on another java virtual machine on another machine?


A : virtual debugging

B : remote debugging

C : machine debugging

D : compiling debugging

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Which design pattern ensures that only one object of particular class gets created?


A : Singleton pattern

B : Filter pattern

C : State pattern

D : Bridge pattern

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Which design pattern provides a single class which provides simplified methods required by client and delegates call to those methods?


A : Adapter pattern

B : Builder pattern

C : Facade pattern

D : Prototype pattern

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Which of the below author is not a part of GOF (Gang of Four)?


A : Erich Gamma

B : Gang Pattern

C : Richard Helm

D : Ralph Johnson

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Which of the below is not a valid classification of design pattern?


A : Creational patterns

B : Structural patterns

C : Behavioural patterns

D : Java patterns

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Which of the below is not a valid design pattern?


A : Singleton

B : Factory

C : Command

D : Java

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Which perspective is used to run a program in debug view?


A : java perspective

B : eclipse perspective

C : debug perspective

D : jdbc perspective

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Which view allows us to delete and deactivate breakpoints and watchpoints?


A : breakpoint view

B : variable view

C : debug view

D : logger view

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