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Airfoil Nomenclature GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Airfoil Nomenclature. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Airfoil Nomenclature

In a venturi duct, the pressure at throat is __


A : lower than ambient pressure

B : equal to ambient pressure

C : greater than ambient pressure

D : 0

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In a wind tunnel, the section with minimum area is called as __


A : exit

B : nozzle

C : inlet

D : throat

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Incompressible flow is the one in which density is ___


A : 0

B : constant

C : varies from point to point

D : negligible

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Purpose of leading edge is to __


A : allow the wing to operate at high angle of attack

B : allow the wing to operate at low angle of attack

C : allow the wing to operate at stall condition

D : allow the wing to operate in level condition

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The below figure shows which of the following wind tunnel?^


A : Convergent duct

B : Divergent duct

C : Convergent-divergent duct

D : Simple duct

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The flows in which all the flow parameters are the function of 'x' is called as ___


A : 3D flow

B : 2D flow

C : Quasi 1D flow

D : Quasi 2D flow

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What is the purpose of trailing edge?


A : Airflow rejoins

B : Airflow separated

C : Vortex are created

D : Stalling will created

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What is the shape of the airfoil at the leading edge?


A : Semi-circular

B : Curve

C : Straight

D : Circular

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What is the thickness in NACA 2412 airfoil?


A : 12%

B : 24%

C : 41%

D : 2%

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What is the thickness in NACA 747A315 airfoil?


A : 15%

B : 25%

C : 30%

D : 7%

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