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Continuity equation is related to ___


A : Mass conservation

B : Energy conservation

C : Momentum conservation

D : Velocity change

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For an incompressible flow, the mass continuity equation changes to __


A : energy equation

B : momentum equation

C : volume continuity equation

D : remains same

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In electromagnetic theory, continuity equation relates ___


A : Volume conservation

B : Mass conservation

C : Charge conservation

D : Energy conservation

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In microscopic view, Circulation is a __ quantity.


A : vector

B : dimension less

C : scalar

D : non-measurable

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The quantity specifying the flow or motion is termed as ___


A : Density

B : Flux

C : Field

D : Electrostatic force

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Which of the flowing is an example of incompressible flow?


A : gas

B : sponge

C : water

D : gel

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