Aircraft Materials - Bending Test - Flattening Test Online Exam Quiz

Aircraft Materials - Bending Test - Flattening Test GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Aircraft Materials - Bending Test - Flattening Test. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Aircraft Materials - Bending Test - Flattening Test

Bending tests are conducted to ensure that the material has enough ___


A : force

B : hardness

C : impact

D : ductility

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Fatigue stresses will most likely destroy the material if the bending test is performed on them.




C : -

D : -

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If the bend of a bend test has to be gauged to its complete extent ___ of bend must be computed.


A : inner circumference

B : the inner minus outer circumference

C : outer circumference

D : inner radius

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If the specimen being tested is heavy in weight, it should have a __ cross-section.


A : circular

B : spherical

C : rectangular

D : triangular

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It is usually preferred for shop bending to take all the present bends __ grain.


A : across

B : above

C : below

D : parallel

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Specimens in the bending test are usually __ inches long.


A : 23

B : 16

C : 6

D : 0.564

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The bending in the bending tests is achieved be either__ or __


A : lightly rolling and tossing

B : application of pressure and blow from a hammer

C : ethanol and methane

D : diamond indenting and washing

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The edges of a specimen of forging stock are rounded to a __ radius in a bending test.


A : 20th

B : 16th

C : 1

D : 1/16th

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