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Aircraft Materials - Fatigue Test GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Aircraft Materials - Fatigue Test. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Aircraft Materials - Fatigue Test

Corrosion of materials results in ___ of fatigue limit.


A : reduction

B : increment

C : double

D : satisfaction

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Materials that have been subjected to heat treatment generally have lower tensile strengths than materials that are annealed.




C : -

D : -

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The amount of test cycles required to find out the fatigue stress of hard aluminium alloys is __


A : 64000900000

B : 500000000

C : 3000

D : 27

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The fatigue limit of a specimen is ___ of its fatigue range.


A : triple

B : double

C : half

D : exactly the same

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The fatigue limit of steel is around __ times the ultimate tensile strength.


A : 0.3

B : 5

C : 3

D : 0.5

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The specimen of fatigue testing must not have ___


A : Uniform cross-section

B : Metal

C : Certain colours

D : Notches and holes

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What is the diameter of a typical specimen used in fatigue testing?


A : 2000 inches

B : 0.0005 inches

C : 1 inch

D : 26 inches

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What is the typical speed of rotation in a normal speed fatigue testing machine?


A : 2000 rpm

B : 20 rpm

C : 26,000 rpm

D : 14,000 rpm

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Which of the following is a fatigue-testing apparatus?


A : Rotating-beam tests

B : Load test

C : Fixed load test

D : Rotating wing test

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