Aircraft Materials - Tension Testing Online Exam Quiz

Aircraft Materials - Tension Testing GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Aircraft Materials - Tension Testing. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Aircraft Materials - Tension Testing

?Torsion? is defined as ___


A : compressive force

B : type of friction

C : twisting

D : object at rest

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A materials proof stress is also referred to as ___


A : elastic limit

B : yield limit

C : proportional limit

D : set method

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A materials proof stress is the highest stress possible for it to tolerate without causing a permanent set of more than ___ inch per inch the length of gage, after the total release of stress.


A : 5.1

B : 0.002

C : 0.0001

D : 0.1

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During tension testing, the material must be held in ___ alignment.


A : normal

B : axial

C : parallel

D : diabolical

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For a 4-inch gage length, crosshead speed of a machine should not exceed ___ inch up to yield point.


A : 16-Jan

B : 4-Jan

C : 8-Jan

D : 6-Jan

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In a torsion test, if the wire that has to be tested has a diameter of more than 0.333 inches, the specimen needs to have a minimum length of __ inches.


A : 10

B : 33

C : 0.0966

D : 26

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In the tension testing experiment, while determining elastic limit, the increment, while the load is being increased, should not exceed ___ % of the elastic limit in the ending.


A : 50

B : 7

C : 2

D : 3

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In the torsion test, there are two clamps. The clamps are ___


A : both fixed

B : one fixed one rotating

C : both rotating

D : both joined permanently

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It is a requirement for a ___ to undergo the torsion test.


A : sheet

B : wire

C : steel plate

D : wood

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It is possible to determine the proof stress in a way in which ___ is determined.


A : elastic limit

B : yield point

C : stress

D : strain

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