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A wing is designed to operate with free stream velocity of 20m/s and air density of 1.225 kg/m3. Find aerodynamic efficiency of given wing. Consider S as 8 m2, CL as 0.9 and CD as 1.25.


A : 0.72

B : 2

C : 3

D : 5.23

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Cambered wing has minimum drag coefficient of 0.05 and constant K of 0.023. If CL is 0.8 then find the value of CD. Given minimum drag occurs at CL of 0.1.


A : 0.06127

B : 6.1

C : 61.2

D : 0.6721

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For a symmetrical airfoil drag coefficient at zero lift is 0.05 and induced drag coefficient is 0.0025. Find the total drag coefficient.


A : 0.0525

B : 0.45

C : 5.25

D : 52.5

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