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___ is one of the sources of drag.


A : Viscous separation

B : Drafting

C : Signal strength

D : Lift only

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A 2D airfoil is operating at 0.6M. Find the approximate value of lift curve slope in per rad.


A : 7.85

B : 1.9

C : 2.3

D : 3.87

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Aerodynamic forces are generated due to __


A : shear and pressure force acting on body

B : shear effects only

C : only pressure forces

D : twisting of beam

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At same value of maximum lift AOA, lift coefficient of Cambered wing is ___


A : higher than uncambered wing

B : lower than uncambered wing

C : same as cambered airfoil always

D : not dependent on camber

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Consider an incompressible flow. If static pressure increases then, the local freestream velocity __


A : decreases

B : increase

C : remains same

D : insufficient data

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Drag which is produced due to lift is called?


A : Induced drag

B : Parasite drag

C : Weight

D : Thrust drag

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For an incompressible flow, if local area velocity decreases then, the dynamic pressure will __


A : decrease

B : increase

C : constant

D : independent of velocity

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For ideal flow, total pressure along streamline will be ___


A : constant

B : increases

C : decreases

D : always decreases by half

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If I want to design an aircraft which primary flies in a low speed region then, which type of drag shouldn't be considered?


A : Wave drag

B : Parasite drag

C : Induced drag

D : Form drag only

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If static air pressure is 0.5 bar and dynamic pressure is 0.85 bar then, find total pressure acting on a body.


A : 1.35

B : 5

C : 7

D : 8.56

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