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A subsonic aircraft has unswept wing which has maximum lift coefficient of 1.4. Now, consider wing is provided sweep of 25? at quarter chord point. Now, determine the change in maximum lift coefficient due to the provision of sweep.


A : Maximum Lift coefficient will be reduced by 0.2580 amount

B : Increment by 1.245

C : Decreases by 0.0476 amount

D : Maximum lift coefficient will increase by 56%

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A subsonic aircraft wing has aspect ratio of 8. Now we have been asked to provide winglet to this wing. Evaluate approximate value of effective aspect ratio of winglet is considered.


A : 9.6

B : 23

C : 32

D : 4.89

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A supersonic 2D airfoil has Mach number of 1.5. Find Lift curve slope of the airfoil.


A : 0.062 per degree

B : 0.062 per rad

C : 24 per degree

D : 12.56 per degree

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If an airfoil is designed to provide lift curve slope as 7.8, then find airfoil efficiency. The actual lift curve slope of the airfoil is 7.4.


A : 94.87%

B : 45%

C : 15.60%

D : 98.70%

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