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A typical aircraft has level cruise speed of 0.6M. Find the dive speed for given subsonic aircraft.


A : 0.9M

B : 1.9M

C : 330m/s

D : 345m/s

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An aircraft is cruising with cruise speed of 250m/s. All of the sudden aircraft experiences in a gust with velocity of 10m/s. determine the change in angle of attack due to this upward gust.


A : ?2.3?

B : ?6?

C : ?5.6?

D : 9?

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If actual speed of aircraft is 100 m/s and is flying at certain altitude with density ratio of 0.3 then, find equivalent at speed at that altitude.


A : 54.77m/s

B : 125ft/s2

C : 1.2M

D : 1.5M

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My aircraft is flying at particular altitude. At that altitude ratio of actual airspeed to the equivalent airspeed is 1.4 then, what should be the desire value of density ratio?


A : 0.51

B : 1.89

C : 0.12

D : 0.189

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The dive speed in v-n diagram represents ___


A : maximum dynamic pressure

B : maximum manifold pressure of supercharger

C : hydraulic actuator speed limit

D : rate of climb

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When aircraft is in air, it can only experience air load.




C : -

D : -

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When an aircraft flies in air, it experiences ___


A : lift, drag, thrust loads, etc

B : only lift load

C : only gust load

D : only drag force

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