Airfoil Selection-3 Online Exam Quiz

Airfoil Selection-3 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Airfoil Selection-3. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Airfoil Selection-3

A cambered airfoil is operating with 200N of lift. The velocity of the flow is 500m/s. Determine lift-induced drag by this camber airfoil.


A : 0N

B : 0

C : 0.5

D : 0.5

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A NACA 22104 airfoil is operating at AOA = 3?. The lift-coefficient at this AOA is 0.15. Determine the value of angle of attack at designed lift co-efficient.


A : 4.36?

B : 4.36rad

C : 0.05 rad

D : 0.05?

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An airfoil is operated with flow velocity such that the pressure on upper and lower surface are 30 Pa and 15 Pa respectively. If chord is 1m then, what will be the lift produced by this airfoil?


A : 15N

B : 15KN

C : 25N

D : 30 Pa

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An airfoil is such that the drag produced by airfoil is 25N. Airfoil has chord of 2m and is experiencing dynamic pressure of 10Pa. Find the value of drag co-efficient for airfoil.


A : 1.25

B : 1.6

C : 2.5

D : 2.51

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Determine the corrections or otherwise of the following assertion [A] and reason [R]:^ Assertion [A]: Most of the wings are using cambered airfoils.^ Reason[R]: Cambered airfoils can produce positive lift at 0? AOA.


A : Both [A] and [R] are true and [R] is the correct reason for [A]

B : Both [A] and [R] are true but [R] is not the correct reason for [A]

C : [A] is true but [R] is false

D : [A] is false but [R] is true

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Fuel system includes __


A : fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel pump, etc

B : elevator

C : rudder

D : high lift device

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If I want to locate my minimum pressure at 0.5 of chord c then ___


A : NACA 6512

B : NACA 652132

C : NACA 65211

D : NACA 0009

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Integral tanks are ___


A : cavities within the aircraft's airframe itself

B : external tanks needs to be fabricated

C : external tanks required to put in the airframe

D : there is no such type of fuel tank

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Laminar bucket is region where __


A : flow remains laminar

B : turbulent is produced

C : drag increases drastically

D : lift is reduced drastically

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Let's consider we need to design supersonic aircraft then, which type of airfoil should be adopted?


A : Supersonic airfoil

B : Symmetric airfoil

C : Bluff shape

D : Thicker airfoil

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