Aircraft Electronics - Fly by Wire-1 Online Exam Quiz

Aircraft Electronics - Fly by Wire-1 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Aircraft Electronics - Fly by Wire-1. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Aircraft Electronics - Fly by Wire-1

Slats allow the aircraft to operate at a higher angle of __


A : Incidence

B : Attack

C : Pitch

D : Descent

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Slats are located on the leading edge of the ___


A : Wings

B : Engines

C : Rudder

D : Tail

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Springs are used to extend automatic slats.




C : -

D : -

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What is the full form of BITE?


A : Built in training equipment

B : Built in task equipment

C : Built in transfer equipment

D : Built in test equipment

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Which of the following is an approach that could rival slats?


A : Folding wingtips

B : Carbon fiber fuselage

C : Flexible wings

D : Lower takeoff weight

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Which of the following is not true about slats?


A : Decreases stall speed

B : Decreases coefficient of lift

C : Helps an aircraft to take off and land in shorter distances

D : Helps an aircraft to fly at slower speeds

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Which of the following was the first production fly-by-wire airliner?


A : 737

B : A320

C : Concorde

D : MD80

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Which was the first pure electronic fly-by-wire aircraft with no mechanical or hydraulic backup?


A : Airbus A380

B : Airbus A320

C : Apollo 11

D : Apollo Lunar Landing Training Vehicle

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