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Active and Passive Devices GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Active and Passive Devices. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Active and Passive Devices

Attenuators are active devices.




C : -

D : -

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If an NMOS is degenerated by a resistor in series with the source, what will happen to the output resistance?


A : It increases

B : It decreases

C : It remains same

D : Cannot be determined

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If we have 3 resistors of 1k, 2k and 3k, how should they be used amongst R1, R2 and R3 to get the maximum gate voltage in the following C.S. stage?^


A : R1 = 1k, R2 = 2k, R3 = 3k

B : R1 = 3k, R2 = 2k, R3 = 1k

C : R1 = 2k, R2 = 1k, R3 = 3k

D : R1 = 3k, R2 = 1k, R3 = 2k

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In the following C.S. stage, what is the gate voltage appearing across M1?^


A : V1 * [(R2 || R3) / (R1 || R2 || R3)]

B : V1 * [(R2 + R3) / {R1 + R2) || R3}]

C : V1 * [(R2 + R3) / (R1 + R2 + R3)]

D : V1 * [(R2 || R3) / {R1 + (R2 ||R3}]

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Neglecting Channel Length Modulation, what is the output impedance of the following C.S. stage?^


A : R4

B : R4 || R2

C : R4 || (R2 + R3)

D : R4 || [(R2 + R3) || R1]

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The overall gain of multiple amplifiers in cascade can be expressed as__ (A1, A2, A3 are individual gains)


A : A1-A2-A3

B : A1+A2+A3

C : A1/A2*A3

D : A1*A2*A3

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The unit of gain is __


A : Joules

B : Decibels

C : Its unit less

D : Watts

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To overcome the problem of representation of large values of gain, which of the following units was introduced?


A : Decibels

B : Joules

C : Pascals

D : Farads

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Tunnel diode can be used as an active device because__


A : its negative resistance region is used

B : it conducts at a faster rate

C : it triggers the flow of electrons in reverse bias

D : of tunneling effect

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What is the input impedance of the following C.S. stage?^


A : R2 || R3

B : R1 || (R2 + R3)

C : (R1 || R2) + R3

D : R1 + (R2 || R3)

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