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6 similar amplifiers are cascaded, with lower cut-off frequency 100Hz. Bandwidth is B1=10 kHz. What is the higher cut-off frequency of the cascaded network?


A : 4000 Hz

B : 1667 Hz

C : 3642 Hz

D : 3000 Hz

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Cascading increases lower cut-off frequencies.




C : -

D : -

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Consider the circuit shown.^^ Find internal voltage gain of the network given gm = 50m?-1 and ? = 100.


A : 100

B : -90

C : 90

D : 95

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Consider the circuit.^^ Loading effect occurs when __


A : R2 is small

B : A1 is small

C : R2 is large

D : A2 is large

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Efficiency of bridge full wave rectifier is ___


A : 81.20%

B : 50%

C : 40.60%

D : 45.30%

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For any cascaded amplifier network, which of these are incorrect?


A : Cascading increases gain

B : Overall input resistance is equal to the input resistance of the first amplifier

C : The overall output resistance is less than the lowest output resistance in all amplifiers used

D : Loading effect occurs

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If peak voltage on a bridge full wave rectifier circuit is 5V and diode cut-in voltage is 0.7, then peak inverse voltage on diode will be ___


A : 4.3V

B : 5.7V

C : 10V

D : 5V

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In a bridge full wave rectifier, the input sine wave is 250sin100 ?t. The output ripple frequency of rectifier will be __


A : 50Hz

B : 200Hz

C : 100Hz

D : 25Hz

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In an bridge full wave rectifier, the input sine wave is 40sin100 ?t. The average output voltage is __


A : 22.73V

B : 16.93V

C : 25.47V

D : 33.23V

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It is provided that the lower cut-off frequency of an individual amplifier is 25Hz, find the net cut-off frequency of a cascaded network of 8 similar amplifiers.


A : 200 Hz

B : 83 Hz

C : 100 Hz

D : 25 Hz

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