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Calculate the forward bias current of a Si diode when forward bias voltage of 0.4V is applied, the reverse saturation current is 1.17?10-9A and the thermal voltage is 25.2mV.


A : 9.156mA

B : 8.23mA

C : 1.256mA

D : 5.689mA

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Calculate the reverse saturation current of a diode if the current at 0.2V forward bias is 0.1mA at a temperature of 25?C and the ideality factor is 1.5.


A : 5.5x 10-9 A

B : 5.5x 10-8 A

C : 5.5x 10-7 A

D : 5.6x 10-10 A

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Calculate the thermal voltage when the temperature is 25?C.


A : 0V

B : 0V

C : 0.026V

D : 0.25V

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Consider a Darlington amplifier. In the self bias network, the biasing resistances are 220k? and 400 k?. What can be the correct value of input resistance if hfe = 50 and emitter resistance = 10k?.


A : 141 k?

B : 15 M?

C : 20 M?

D : 200 k?

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Consider the figure shown.^^ Given that gm1 = 30m?-1 and gm2 = 50m?-1, ?1 = 1.1, ?2 = 1.5 what is the transconductance of the entire network?


A : 80 m?-1

B : 75 m?-1

C : 33 m?-1

D : 55 m?-1

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Darlington amplifier is an emitter follower.




C : -

D : -

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Find the applied voltage on a forward biased diode if the current is 1mA and reverse saturation current is 10-10. Temperature is 25?C and takes ideality factor as 1.5.


A : 0.658V

B : 0.726V

C : 0.526V

D : 0.618V

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Find the temperature at which a diode current is 2mA for a diode which has reverse saturation current of 10-9 A. The ideality factor is 1.4 and the applied voltage is 0.6V forward bias.


A : 69.65?C

B : 52.26?C

C : 25.23?C

D : 70.23?C

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Find the transconductance of the network given below, provided that gm1 = 30m?-1. VT = 25mV, VBias > 4V.^


A : 30m?-1

B : 10m?-1

C : 1m?-1

D : 20m?-1

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In the given circuit, hfe = 50 and hie = 1000?, find overall input and output resistance.^


A : RI=956?, RO=1.6 k?

B : RI=956 k?, RO=2 k?

C : RI=956 ?, RO=2 k?

D : RI=900?, RO=10 k?

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