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Consider the circuit shown below where hfe=50.^^ Calculate the input resistance of the network.


A : 255 k?

B : 13 M?

C : 5 M?

D : 250 k?

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Given that the higher cut-off frequency of the cascaded network of 6 amplifiers is 2Mhz, find the higher cut-off frequency of one amplifier, if all amplifiers are similar.


A : 5.7 Mhz

B : 0.33 Mhz

C : 12 Mhz

D : 64 Mhz

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Given the following circuit.^^ It is given that hfe=55, hie=1k?, hoe=25??-1. Calculate the net current gain and the voltage gain of the network.


A : AI=192.6, Av=220

B : AI=1, AV=220

C : AI=192.6, AV=1

D : AI=192.6, AV=55

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In a Darlington pair, the overall ?=15000.?1=100. Calculate the collector current for Q2 given base current for Q1 is 20 ?A.^


A : 300 mA

B : 298 mA

C : 2 mA

D : 200mA

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Provided a cascade multistage amplifier network, their pole frequencies obtained are f1=10Mhz, f2=12Mhz, f3=20Mhz, f4=16Mhz. What is the approximate higher cutoff frequency of the cascaded network?


A : 3.4 Mhz

B : 8 Mhz

C : 5 Mhz

D : 6 Mhz

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The lower and upper cutoff frequencies of an amplifier are unknown. If originally, individual BW of such an amplifier is B1, and now the bandwidth of the cascaded network of 10 such amplifiers is B2, find B2/B1.


A : 0.26

B : 3.84

C : Insufficient data

D : 5

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Which of these are incorrect about Darlington amplifier?


A : It has a high input resistance

B : The output resistance is low

C : It has a unity voltage gain

D : It is a current buffer

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