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Characteristic Equation of Diode-1 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Characteristic Equation of Diode-1. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Characteristic Equation of Diode-1

Consider a silicon diode with ?=1.2. Find the change in voltage if the current changes from 0.1mA to 10mA.


A : 0.154V

B : 0.143V

C : 0.123V

D : 0.165V

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Find current I through the circuit using characteristic equation of diode. The terminal voltage of each diode is 0.6V. Reverse saturation current is 10-12A.^


A : 0.84mA

B : 1.84mA

C : 2.35mA

D : 3.01mA

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If current of a diode changes from 1mA to 10mA what will be the change in voltage across the diode. The ideality factor of diode is 1.2.


A : 0.718V

B : 7.18V

C : 0.0718V

D : 0.00728V

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The state amplifier has no input is not called __


A : Zero signal condition

B : Non-signal condition

C : Quiescent condition

D : Empty-signal condition

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What is the role of input capacitance in the transistor amplifying circuit?


A : To prevent input variation from reaching output

B : To prevent DC content in the input from reaching transistor

C : There isn't any role for input capacitance

D : To increase input impedance

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What will be the current I in the circuit diagram below. Take terminal voltage of diode as 0.7V and I0as 10-12A.^


A : 2.4mA

B : 0.9mA

C : 1mA

D : 4mA

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What will be the ratio of final current to initial current of a diode if the voltage of a diode changes from 0.7V to 872.5mV. Take ideality factor as 1.5.


A : 90.26

B : 52.36

C : 80.23

D : 83.35

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Which of the following is not considered for quiescent operating point?


A : DC collector-emitter voltage

B : DC collector current

C : DC base current

D : DC input voltage

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Which of the following resistor is not involving in biasing the circuit shown below?^


A : R1

B : R2

C : RC

D : RL

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Which of the following statements is most correct to explain role of biasing circuit in the implementation of a transistor circuit?


A : It is used provide proper voltage to every component in the circuit

B : It is used to ensure maximum power is obtained out of the circuit

C : It is used to provide the quiescent collector current

D : It is used to provide proper and stable functional environment to all quiescent point parameters

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