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Characteristic Equation of Diode-2 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Characteristic Equation of Diode-2. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Characteristic Equation of Diode-2

DC average current of a center taped full wave rectifier is ___^ (Where Im is the maximum peak current of input)


A : 2Im/?

B : Im/?

C : Im/2?

D : 1.414Im/?

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DC power output of center tapped full wave rectifier is equal to ___^ (Im is the peak current and RL is the load resistance)


A : (2Im2/?2)RL

B : (Im2/2 ?2)RL

C : (Im2/?2)RL

D : (4Im2/?2)RL

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How much times reverse saturation current will increase if temperature increases 15oC?


A : 2.52

B : 4.62

C : 4.12

D : 2.82

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If input frequency is 50Hz then ripple frequency of center tapped full wave rectifier will be equal to ___


A : 100Hz

B : 50Hz

C : 25Hz

D : 500Hz

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If the temperature increases 10?C, the ratio of final reverse saturation current to initial reverse saturation current is ___


A : 1

B : 2

C : 1.5

D : 3

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If V1 is 5V and resistance R1 is 5K? and the cut-in voltage of the diode is 0.7V, what will be the voltage Vout across the diode? Take reverse saturation current as 10-8A and operating temperature as 25?C.


A : 0V

B : -4.5V

C : -5V

D : -3.2V

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Ripple factor of center tapped full wave rectifier is ___


A : 1.414

B : 1.21

C : 1.3

D : 0.48

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The input voltage V1 of the circuit the circuit is 2V and resistor has a resistance of 1K?. The cut-in voltage of the silicon diode is 0.7V and the reverse saturation current is 10-8A. The temperature at which diode operates is 30?C. The voltage across resistor when diode starts conducting is ___^


A : 0.7V

B : 1.3V

C : 0.306V

D : 1.7V

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The reverse saturation current of a diode at 25?C is 1.5 x 10-9A. What will be the reverse current at temperature 30?C?


A : 3 x 10-9A

B : 2 x 10-9A

C : 2.12 x 10-9A

D : 1.5 x 10-9A

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Transformer utilization factor of a center tapped full wave rectifier is equal to ___


A : 0.623

B : 0.678

C : 0.693

D : 0.625

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