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A 1000KHz carrier is modulated by 100Hz and 200Hz waves, then which of the following frequencies cannot be present at the output?


A : 1000.1KHz

B : 999.9KHz

C : 1000.2KHz

D : 999.7KHz

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Among all amplifiers, Common Collector has highest power gain.




C : -

D : -

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Arrays in antenna can be __


A : phased

B : driven

C : parasitic

D : phased, driven or parasitic

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Aspect ratio is the ratio of __


A : width to height

B : height to width

C : power to width

D : width to power

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Carrier frequency is given by the formula __


A : 12?LC ?

B : 12?L ?

C : 12?C ?

D : 1?LC ?

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If the levels in PCM are transmitted in 10 unit code having sampling frequency equals to 20KHz. What is its bandwidth?


A : 150KHz

B : 125KHz

C : 100KHz

D : 110KHz

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