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Find the magnetic field if the electric field radiated by the half-wave dipole is 60mV/m?


A : 159?A/m

B : 195?A/m

C : 159mA/m

D : 195mA/m

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If the current input to the antenna is 100mA, then find the average power radiated from the half-wave dipole antenna?


A : 365mW

B : 0.356mW

C : 0.365mW

D : 356mW

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If the power radiated by a quarter-wave monopole is 100mW then power radiated by a half wave dipole under same current input is ___


A : 100W

B : 100mW

C : 200W

D : 200mW

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Power radiated by a half wave dipole is how many times the power radiated by a quarter wave monopole under same input current to antennas?


A : 2

B : 3

C : 4

D : 1

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The average radiated power of half-wave dipole is given by __


A : 73I_{rms}^2

B : 36.5I_{rms}^2

C : 13.25I_{rms}^2

D : 146I_{rms}^2

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The relation between the ?g, ?c, ?0 is given by __


A : \frac{1}{?_0} =\sqrt{\frac{1}{?_g^2} +\frac{1}{?_c^2}}

B : \frac{1}{?_g}=\frac{1}{?_0^2} -\frac{1}{?_c^2}

C : \frac{1}{?_0} =\sqrt{\frac{1}{?_g^2} -\frac{1}{?_c^2}}

D : \frac{1}{?_g}=\frac{1}{?_0^2} +\frac{1}{?_c^2}

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