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% of nitrogen can be determined by the process ___


A : dulong's formula

B : orsat's apparatus

C : kjeldahl's method

D : fractional distillation

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An increase in 1% of percentage of oxygen decreases the calorific value by __


A : 1.70%

B : 2.70%

C : 3.70%

D : 4.70%

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During metallurgical operations, n2 causes ___


A : hardness to sample

B : softness to sample

C : moisture to sample

D : heat to sample

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From the raw piece, coal is manufactured by __


A : under crushing

B : over crushing

C : perfectly crushed

D : powdered

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High % of moisture is undesirable because ___


A : increases the cost of transport

B : increases the cost of calorific value

C : increases the cost of efficiency

D : decreases the cost of storage cost

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In determination of % of C and H, the coal is burnt in the stream of ___


A : pure sulphur

B : pure nitrogen

C : pure alcohol

D : pure oxygen

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In proximate analysis, which of the following elements can be found?


A : % of moisture content

B : % of carbon

C : % of hydrogen

D : % of nitrogen

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The % of the fixed carbon can be given by ___


A : %C=[loss in weight due to removal of C/weight of coal sample]*100

B : %C=[weight of coal/12*100]

C : %C=100-(% of ash)

D : %C=100-(% of moisture+% of volatile matter+% of ash)

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The moisture content in the coal can be given by heating the coal for ___ hours.


A : 2

B : 1

C : 4

D : 6

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The moisturizing the coal before introducing into furnace is called as ___


A : moisturizing

B : filtering

C : tempering

D : combustion

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