Biological Oxidation Process Online Exam Quiz

Biological Oxidation Process GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Biological Oxidation Process. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Biological Oxidation Process

__ imparts peculiar odour to the water.


A : Decaying organic matter

B : Detergents

C : Phenols

D : Dissolved oxygen

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Dried sludge can be used as ___


A : Fertilizer

B : Pesticide

C : Reagent

D : Medicine

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How many methods of removing the radio active impurities are there?


A : 2

B : 3

C : 3

D : 4

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In the trickling filter process, the ___ build up and they block the passage.


A : Sludge formed

B : Dissolved impurities

C : Dissolved solids

D : Micro organisms

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Periodic cleaning is used to ___


A : Increase efficiency

B : Decrease efficiency

C : Increase pressure

D : Decrease dissolved oxygen

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Reacting the water with ___ removes the odour due to the phenols.


A : KMnO4

B : MnO4

C : Potassium

D : Magnesium

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The depth of the rectangular circular tanks in the trickling filters method is having the depth of __


A : 4m

B : 3m

C : 2m

D : 1m

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The treatment of water with ___ improves the taste of water.


A : Oxygen

B : Chlorine

C : KMnO4

D : Ozone

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The unpleasant odour of the water is due to presence of the __


A : Nitrogen

B : Bismuth

C : Phenols

D : Dissolved oxygen

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The water after removing of sludge in the biological oxidation process is treated with __


A : Chlorine

B : Bromine

C : Fluorine

D : Iodine

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