Biomass and Biofuel - 2 Online Exam Quiz

Biomass and Biofuel - 2 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Biomass and Biofuel - 2. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Biomass and Biofuel - 2

Bio diesel is produced by the __ of the vegetable oil.


A : Fermentation

B : Distillation

C : Transesterification

D : Rectification

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Bio gas is compressed and used as __


A : Motor fuel

B : Fuels in vehicles

C : Dog feed

D : Cow feed

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From cathode ___ gas is bubbled in hydrogen-oxygen cell.


A : Hydrogen

B : Oxygen

C : Nitrogen

D : Chlorine

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Fuel cells are characterized by the __


A : High efficiency

B : High noise levels

C : Vibrations are present

D : No heat transfer

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Fuels cell is an electrochemical device that converts the chemical energy into the ___


A : Electrical energy

B : Mechanical energy

C : Static energy

D : Frictional energy

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If the traces of water is left in the vegetable oil then __ is formed.


A : Diesel

B : Bio diesel

C : Petrol

D : Soap

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The ___ is used as the agricultural fertilizer.


A : Bio ethanol

B : Bio ethane

C : Bio methanol

D : Digestrate

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The bio diesel is the long chain of carbon atoms contains ___ group at one end.


A : Alcohol

B : Aldehyde

C : Ketone

D : Ester

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The bio methane is produced by the __ of biomass.


A : Aerobic oxidation

B : Anaerobic oxidation

C : Fermentation

D : Rectification

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The difference between structure of the bio diesel and the regular diesel is an ester group.




C : -

D : -

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