Characteristics of Good Fuel and its Advantages Online Exam Quiz

Characteristics of Good Fuel and its Advantages GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Characteristics of Good Fuel and its Advantages. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Characteristics of Good Fuel and its Advantages

A fuel is a combustible substance containing __ as major constitute.


A : nitrogen

B : oxygen

C : carbon

D : hydrogen

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Artificial fuels are mainly prepared from __


A : petrol

B : peat

C : coal

D : natural gas

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How many types of lubricants are there on the basis of the shear strength?


A : 5

B : 3

C : 4

D : 2

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In solid lubricants, the ___ will be low.


A : coefficient of friction

B : calorific value

C : stability

D : cleanliness

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On combusting a solid fuel, the final product obtained in high amount is __


A : oxygen

B : nitrogen

C : ash

D : ozone

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One of the advantages of the solid lubricants is ___


A : unstable in radiation

B : high coefficient of friction than liquid lubricants

C : low coefficient of friction

D : permit equipment is simple

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Powder of a solid lubricant delivered to the __


A : rubbing area

B : composite material

C : film

D : surface

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The major advantage of a good fuel is ___


A : ease of transportation

B : production of more oxygen

C : production of more nitrogen

D : production of more vapor

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Which of the following are the disadvantages of solid lubricants?


A : poor heat dissipation

B : more effective even at high pressures

C : high resistance to detoriation

D : permit equipment is heavy

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Which of the following is a synthetic fuel in gas form?


A : Natural gas

B : Producer gas


D : Petroleum

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