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Analog Pins in the Arduino boards work on the principle of PWM. What is the full form of PWM?


A : Pin Wide Modulation

B : Pulse Waveform Modulation

C : Pulse Width Modulation

D : Pulse Wave Modulation

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How much Program Memory does the Arduino UNO have?


A : 24K bytes

B : 256K bytes

C : 32K bytes

D : 2K bytes

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On which of the following Arduino Boards does the analogReadResolution() function not work?


A : Arduino Zero

B : Arduino MKR Vidor 4000

C : Arduino Due

D : Arduino Uno

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What happens to the output if the analogReadResolution() function is invoked with a resolution higher than the board's ADC can physically handle?


A : The output is padded with zeros

B : The output is not obtained as an error is thrown during compile time

C : The output is not obtained as an error is thrown during run time

D : The output is padded with ones

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What is the Maximum Operating Voltage of the Arduino Due?


A : 20V

B : 19V

C : 5V

D : 3.3V

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What is the operating frequency of the Arduino UNO Board?


A : 20 MHz

B : 16 Mhz

C : 6 MHz

D : 10 MHz

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What is the use of the analogReference() function?


A : To change the digital signal reference value

B : To change the analog signal reference value

C : To print the analog signal reference voltage

D : To print the digital signal reference voltage

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Which of the following boards from the Arduino Family is not powered by a variant of the ATmega processors?


A : Arduino UNO

B : Arduino Nano

C : Arduino Mega

D : Arduino Due

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