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The Arduino Diecimila has 14 Digital I/O Pins of which __ pins can provide PWM output.


A : 1

B : 4

C : 6

D : 8

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The Arduino UNO uses the FTDI USB to Serial Driver Chip.




C : -

D : -

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The pins SS, SCK, MOSI and MISO on the Arduino belong to the ___ bus.


A : I2C



D : Ethernet

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What does the analogRead() function do physically when invoked in a code?


A : It accepts a digital Input

B : Reads the raw voltage value

C : Activates the ADC Circuit to read voltage values

D : Activates the DAC Circuit to read voltage values

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What is the full form of EEPROM?


A : Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

B : Electrically Encoded Programmable Read Only Memory

C : Electronic Embedded Programmable Read Only Memory

D : Encrypted Electronic Programmable Read Only Memory

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What is the full form of SRAM?


A : Synchronized Random Access Memory

B : Static Random Access Memory

C : Simplified Random Access Memory

D : Segregated Static Random Access Memory

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What is the use for the 2 serial pins on the Arduino Diecimila?


A : To send and receive GPIO digital signals

B : To receive analog signals

C : To send PWM signals

D : To send and receive Serial TTL signals

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What is the use of the RESET button on the Arduino UNO?


A : To restart the code present in the Arduino

B : To restore a previous version of a code

C : To erase the code present in the Arduino

D : To erase the SRAM in Arduino Microcontroller

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What is the use of the Vin pin present on some Arduino Boards?


A : To provide a 5V output

B : Is used for plugging in 3V supply

C : To power the Arduino Board

D : To ground the Arduino Board

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