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After the compilation process, the file containing the assembly instructions for the microcontroller is stored in a file. What is the file type?


A : .o

B : .hex

C : .cpp

D : .hpp

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How to view each command that gets executed during the compilation process?


A : Enable Verbose Output

B : Disable Verbose Output

C : Show Sketch Folder

D : Open Serial Plotter

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What is the .d file format's use in C?


A : For managing dependencies

B : For the D programming language

C : For storing the variables and memory locations

D : For creating new errors in dependencies

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What is the name of the control structure used to stop any loop prematurely and only exit out of the loop, not affecting the running of the rest of the program?


A : The continue statement

B : The break statement

C : The exit statement

D : The purge statement

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Which of the following control structures is an exit-controlled loop?


A : For loop

B : While loop

C : Const and Goto

D : Do-While loop

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Which of the following file format is generated once the C code is compiled?


A : .c

B : .h

C : .ino

D : .o

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Why does every compilation of a source code in Arduino check for previous compilations?


A : To delete the previously generated ?.o? files

B : To use the previously generated ?.o? files

C : To relocate the previously generated ?.o? files

D : To copy the previously generated ?.o? files

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