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Facts - 2 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Facts - 2. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Facts - 2

A bidirectional feedback loop links computer modeling with ___


A : artificial science

B : heuristic processing

C : human intelligence

D : cognitive science

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A series of AI systems, developed by Pat Langley to explore the role of heuristics in scientific discovery is __





D : DU

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Computational learning theory analyzes the sample complexity and computational complexity of __


A : Unsupervised Learning

B : Inductive learning

C : Forced based learning

D : Weak learning

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High-resolution, bit-mapped displays are useful for displaying ___


A : clearer characters

B : graphics

C : more characters

D : all of the mentioned

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How is Fuzzy Logic different from conventional control methods?


A : IF and THEN Approach

B : FOR Approach

C : WHILE Approach

D : DO Approach

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In an Unsupervised learning __


A : Specific output values are given

B : Specific output values are not given

C : No specific Inputs are given

D : Both inputs and outputs are given

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In LISP, the function evaluates both and is ___


A : set

B : setq

C : add

D : eva

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Inductive learning involves finding a __


A : Consistent Hypothesis

B : Inconsistent Hypothesis

C : Regular Hypothesis

D : Irregular Hypothesis

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People overcome natural language problems by ___


A : grouping attributes into frames

B : understanding ideas in context

C : identifying with familiar situations

D : both understanding ideas in context & identifying with familiar situations

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Research scientists all over the world are taking steps towards building computers with circuits patterned after the complex interconnections existing among the human brain's nerve cells. What name is given to such type of computers?


A : Intelligent computers

B : Supercomputers

C : Neural network computers

D : Smart computers

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