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A computer program that contains expertise in a particular domain is called?


A : intelligent planner

B : automatic processor

C : expert system

D : operational symbolizer

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Claude Shannon described the operation of electronic switching circuits with a system of mathematical logic called ___




C : Neural networking

D : Boolean algebra

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Decision support programs are designed to help managers make ___


A : budget projections

B : visual presentations

C : business decisions

D : vacation schedules

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In many problems the path to goal is irrelevant, this class of problems can be solved using __


A : Informed Search Techniques

B : Uninformed Search Techniques

C : Local Search Techniques

D : Informed & Uninformed Search Techniques

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Programming a robot by physically moving it through the trajectory you want it to follow is called ___


A : contact sensing control

B : continuous-path control

C : robot vision control

D : pick-and-place control

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Though local search algorithms are not systematic, key advantages would include __


A : Less memory

B : More time

C : Finds a solution in large infinite space

D : Less memory & Finds a solution in large infinite space

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What is the field that investigates the mechanics of human intelligence?


A : history

B : cognitive science

C : psychology

D : sociology

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What is the name of the computer program that contains the distilled knowledge of an expert?


A : Database management system

B : Management information System

C : Expert system

D : Artificial intelligence

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What is the name of the computer program that simulates the thought processes of human beings?


A : Human logic

B : Expert reason

C : Expert system

D : Personal information

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What is the term used for describing the judgmental or commonsense part of problem solving?


A : Heuristic

B : Critical

C : Value based

D : Analytical

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