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A binary string is divisible by 4 if and only if it ends with:


A : 100

B : 1000

C : 1100

D : 11

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A language that admits only ambiguous grammar:


A : Inherent Ambiguous language

B : Inherent Unambiguous language

C : Context free language

D : Context Sensitive language

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CFGs can be parsed in polynomial time using__


A : LR parser

B : CYK algorithm

C : SLR parser

D : None of the mentioned

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Given Language: {x | it is divisible by 3}^ The total number of final states to be assumed in order to pass the number constituting {0, 1} is


A : 0

B : 1

C : 2

D : 3

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If L1 and L2 are regular languages, which among the following is an exception?


A : L1 U L2

B : L1 ? L2

C : L1 ? L2

D : All of the mentioned

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In context to ambiguity, the number of times the following programming statement can be interpreted as:^ Statement: if R then if T then P else V


A : 2

B : 3

C : 4

D : 1

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Let L be a language whose FA consist of 5 acceptance states and 11 non final states. It further consists of a dumping state. Predict the number of acceptance states in Lc.


A : 16

B : 11

C : 5

D : 6

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Predict the analogous operation for the given language:^ A: {[p, q] | p ? A1, q does not belong to A2}


A : A1-A2

B : A2-A1

C : A1.A2

D : A1+A2

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State true or false:^ Statement: R->R|T T->? is an ambiguous grammar




C : -

D : -

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Which of the following is an example of inherent ambiguous language?


A : {an|n>1}

B : {anbncmdm| n,m > 0}

C : {0n1n|n>0}

D : None of the mentioned

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