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It is less complex to prove the closure properties over regular languages using:





D : Can't be said

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John is asked to make an automaton which accepts a given string for all the occurrence of '1001' in it. How many number of transitions would John use such that, the string processing application works?


A : 9

B : 11

C : 12

D : 15

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Let N (Q, ?, ?, q0, A) be the NFA recognizing a language L. Then for a DFA (Q', ?, ?', q0', A'), which among the following is true?


A : Q' = P(Q)

B : ?' = ?' (R, a) = {q ? Q | q ? ? (r, a), for some r ? R}

C : Q'={q0}

D : All of the mentioned

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Statement 1: NFA computes the string along parallel paths.^ Statement 2: An input can be accepted at more than one place in an NFA.^ Which among the following options are most appropriate?


A : Statement 1 is true while 2 is not

B : Statement 1 is false while is not

C : Statement 1 and 2, both are true

D : Statement 1 and 2, both are false

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There exists an initial state, 17 transition states, 7 final states and one dumping state, Predict the maximum number of states in its equivalent DFA?


A : 226

B : 224

C : 225

D : 223

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Under which of the following operation, NFA is not closed?


A : Negation

B : Kleene

C : Concatenation

D : None of the mentioned

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Which of the following do we use to form an NFA from a regular expression?


A : Subset Construction Method

B : Power Set Construction Method

C : Thompson Construction Method

D : Scott Construction Method

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Which of the following is an application of Finite Automaton?


A : Compiler Design

B : Grammar Parsers

C : Text Search

D : All of the mentioned

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Which of the following options is correct for the given statement?^ Statement: If K is the number of states in NFA, the DFA simulating the same language would have states less than 2k.




C : -

D : -

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