CFG-Eliminating Useless Symbols Online Exam Quiz

CFG-Eliminating Useless Symbols GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to CFG-Eliminating Useless Symbols. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about CFG-Eliminating Useless Symbols

A push down automata can be represented as:^ PDA= ?-NFA +[stack] State true or false:




C : -

D : -

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A pushdown automata can be defined as: (Q, ?, G, q0, z0, A, d)^ What does the symbol z0 represents?


A : an element of G

B : initial stack symbol

C : top stack alphabet

D : all of the mentioned

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Given a Grammar G:^ S->aA^ A->a^ A->B^ B->A^ B->bb^ Which among the following will be the simplified grammar?


A : S->aA|aB, A->a, B->bb

B : S->aA|aB, A->B, B->bb

C : S->aA|aB, A->a, B->A

D : None of the emntioned

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Given grammar:^ S->aS|A^ A->a^ B->aa^ Find the number of variables reachable from the Starting Variable?


A : 0

B : 1

C : 2

D : None of the mentioned

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Halting states are of two types. They are:


A : Accept and Reject

B : Reject and Allow

C : Start and Reject

D : None of the mentioned

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In context to the process of removing useless symbols, which of the following is correct?


A : We remove the Nullable variables

B : We eliminate the unit productions

C : We eliminate products which yield no terminals

D : All of the mentioned

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Inorder to simplify a context free grammar, we can skip the following operation:


A : Removal of null production

B : Removal of useless symbols

C : Removal of unit productions

D : None of the mentioned

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The production of the form A->B , where A and B are non terminals is called


A : Null production

B : Unit production

C : Greibach Normal Form

D : Chomsky Normal Form

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Which of the following correctly recognize the symbol '|-' in context to PDA?


A : Moves

B : transition function

C : or/not symbol

D : none of the mentioned

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