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What is the range of the floating point numbers?


A : -3.4E+38 to +3.4E+38

B : -3.4E+38 to +3.4E+34

C : -3.4E+38 to +3.4E+36

D : -3.4E+38 to +3.4E+32

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What is the use of fill() function in array class?


A : To fill an array with a given single value

B : To delete all the elements that are equal to the given value

C : To replace all the elements of the array which are equal to the given value

D : To check whether given element fills the array or not

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Which of the following is a valid floating-point literal?


A : f287.333

B : F287.333

C : 28700

D : 287.3.e2

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Which of three sizes of floating point types should be used when extended precision is required?


A : float

B : double

C : long double

D : extended float

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