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A gaseous mixture have the following composition in mole percent and properties^ Component Mole percent Tc(K) Pc(atm)^ CH4 25% 191 45.8^ C2H4 35% 283 50.5^ N2 40% 126 33.5^ at 90 atm pressure and 100 degree celsius. P`r and T`r are psuedoreduced values. & P`c and T`c are pseudocitical values.^ 3-8. Volume per mole according to ideal gas law?


A : 140 cm3/g mol

B : 240 cm3/g mol

C : 340 cm3/g mol

D : 440 cm3/g mol

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According to Kay`s method the pseudocritical values are^ Statement I: P`c = Pc(A)*y(A) + Pc(B)*y(B) + ???^ Statement II: T`c = Tc(A)*y(A) + Tc(B)*y(B) + ??..


A : Both statements are correct

B : Both statements are false

C : Statement I is true and Statement II is false

D : Statement I is false and Statement II is true

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Pseudocritical values for mixture of gases are calculated on the assumption that each component in the mixture contributes to the pseudocritical values in the same proportion as the mole fraction of that component in the gas is


A : Kay's Method

B : Dalton's Method

C : Holburn's Method

D : None of the mentioned

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What is the value of P`c?


A : 42.5 atm

B : 32.5 atm

C : 22.5 atm

D : 12.5 atm

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What is the value of T`c?


A : 197.2 K

B : 297.2 K

C : 397.2 K

D : 497.2 K

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