Chromosomal Abnormalities : Aneuploidy Online Exam Quiz

Chromosomal Abnormalities : Aneuploidy GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Chromosomal Abnormalities : Aneuploidy. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Chromosomal Abnormalities : Aneuploidy

__ aneuploidy is better tolerated.


A : Nullisomic

B : Autosomal

C : Sex chromosomal

D : Chromosome 13

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A non-disjunction in the 1st phase of meiosis will lead to __


A : Monosomy

B : Nullysomy

C : Disomy

D : Trtrasomy

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Aneuploidy is usually deleterious as ___


A : Chromosomal pairing is hampered

B : Gene balance is disrupted

C : Size of individual may vary

D : Chromosomal disintegration is increased

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At what maternal age the probability of having a child with Down's syndrome is increased drastically?


A : 25

B : 30

C : 35

D : 45

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Choose the wrong statement.


A : Maternal trisomy in a gamete is more severe in paternal gamete trisomy

B : Tetrasomy and nullisomy are due to change in chromosome number by 2

C : Disomy has severe effects

D : Edward's syndrome is due to trisomy of chromosome 18

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Chromosome __ trisomy leads to Edward's syndrome.


A : 12

B : 13

C : 18

D : 21

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Extreme klinefelter is an example of ___


A : Monosomy

B : Trisomy

C : Disomy

D : Tetrasomy

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If an organism has 14 chromosomes, the number of chromosome generated by nullisomy will be___


A : 15

B : 7

C : 13

D : 12

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Patau syndrome is a result of which of the following?


A : Non-disjunction of sex chromosome in female

B : Non- disjunction of sex chromosome in male

C : Non-disjunction of chromosome 21

D : Non-disjunction of chromosome 13

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Sexual mosaics lead to formation of ___


A : Female from male egg

B : Gynandromorph

C : Klinefelter

D : Trisomy

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