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Calculate sum of divisors of n = 1900.


A : 6530

B : 5346

C : 3387

D : 4123

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Calculate the sum of divisors of N = 9600.


A : 23250

B : 47780

C : 54298

D : 31620

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Find the number of odd positive integers of the number 456.


A : 54

B : 27

C : 16

D : 8

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Given the factorization of a number n, then the sum of divisors can be computed in ___


A : linear time

B : polynomial time

C : O(logn)

D : o(n+1)

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In DM, further the two integrators at encode are replaced by one integrator placed before comparator, and then such system is called?


A : System-delta modulation

B : Sigma-delta modulation

C : Source-delta modulation

D : None of the mentioned

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The in-band quantization noise variance is given as?


A : \sigma_n^2=\int_{-B}^B |H_n (F)|^3 S_e (F)dF

B : \sigma_n^2=\int_{-B}^B |H_n (F)|^2 S_e (F)dF

C : \sigma_n^2=\int_{-B}^B |H_n (F)|^1 S_e (F)dF

D : None

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The number of even positive integers of 3200 is ___


A : 24

B : 32

C : 164

D : 209

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The performance of the SDM system is determined by the noise system function Hn(z), which has a magnitude of?


A : |H_n (z)|=2 |sin? \frac{?F}{F_s}|

B : |H_n (z)|=4 |sin? \frac{?F}{F_s}|

C : |H_n (z)|=3 |sin? \frac{?F}{F_s}|

D : |H_n (z)|= |sin? \frac{?F}{F_s}|

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What is the system function of the integrator that is modeled by the discrete time system?


A : H(z)=\frac{z^{-1}}{1-z^{-1}}

B : H(z)=\frac{z^{-1}}{1+z^{-1}}

C : H(z)=\frac{z^{z^1}}{1-z^1}

D : H(z)=\frac{z^{z^1}}{1+z^1}

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What is the z-transform of sequence {dq(n)} i.e., Dq(z)= ?


A : H_s (z)X(z)- H_n (z)E(z)

B : H_s (z)X(z)+ H_n (z)E(z)

C : H_s (n)X(z)+ H_n (n)E(z)

D : H_n (z)X(z)- H_s (z)E(z)

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