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Braking resistance should be selected in order to limit the braking current.




C : -

D : -

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Calculate the bandwidth in series RLC circuit if the frequency is 20 Hz and the quality factor is 5.


A : 2 Hz

B : 4 Hz

C : 6 Hz

D : 8 Hz

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Calculate the current in DC shunt field winding using the following data: Ia=15 A, IL=21, R=22, N=484.


A : 4:00 AM

B : 2:00 AM

C : 7:00 AM

D : 6:00 AM

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Calculate the flux produced by the DC shunt field winding using the following data: Ia=5 A, IL=11, R=2, N=4.


A : 14 Wb

B : 12 Wb

C : 17 Wb

D : 18 Wb

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Calculate the overall voltage gain Gv of a common source amplifier for which gm = 2mA/V, RD = 10 k?, R0 = 10 k? and RG = 10 M?. The amplifier is fed from a signal source of Thevenin resistance of 0.5M? and the amplifier is coupled with a load of 10 k?.


A : -11.2 V/V

B : -22.4 V/V

C : -33.6 V/V

D : -44.8 V/V

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DC shunt motors are used where the high ___ is required.


A : Starting torque

B : Maximum torque

C : Minimum torque

D : Breakdown torque

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Find the value of gm at the bias point


A : 0.1 mA/V

B : 0.2 mA/V

C : .0.3 mA/V

D : 0.4 mA/V

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Find the value of RG so that iD = 0.1 mA, the largest possible value of RD is used while the maximum signal swing at the drain is of 1V and the input resistance at the gate is 10 M?.


A : 1 M?

B : 10 M?

C : 0.1 M?

D : 0.01 M?

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Full form of TVR is ___


A : Terminal voltage reversal

B : Total voltage reversal

C : Terminal voltage redirect

D : Total voltage reversal

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If terminal Z is grounded, X is connected to a signal source having a resistance of 1 M? and terminal Y is connected to a load resistance of 40 k?, find the voltage gain from the signal source to the load.


A : 3.25 v/V

B : 6.5 V/V

C : 9.75 V/V

D : 13 V/V

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