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According to Gibbs phase rule for a 2-component system under condensed rule, what observation can be made within the equilibrium phase?


A : T can be varied independently

B : Varying a T value fixes the equilibrium compositions

C : Neither T nor concentration can be varied respectively

D : 2 phases cannot coexist

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Find the open-Circuit voltage gain.


A : 1 V/V

B : 2 V/V

C : 3 V/V

D : 4 V/V

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For Gibbs free energy along a system path for a transformation from state 1 to state 2, the reaction kinetics can be expressed by __


A : Rate = C exp(-?G1/RT)

B : Rate = C exp(-?G2/RT)

C : Rate = G/RT

D : Rate = RT/G

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If terminal X is grounded and terminal Z is connected to a current source delivering a current of 10 ?A and having a resistance of 100 k?, find the voltage signal that can be measured at Y neglecting the effect of V0 .


A : 0.34V

B : 0.68 V

C : 3.4 V

D : 6.8 V

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If terminal Y is grounded find the voltage gain from X to Z with Z open-circuit.


A : 0.33 V/V

B : 0.66 V/V

C : 0.99 V/V

D : None of the mentioned

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If the output of the source follower in (I) is connected to the input of the common gate amplifier of (II). Determine the overall voltage gain (V0 /Vi ).^


A : 1.55 V/V

B : 3.55 V/V

C : 5.55 V/V

D : 7.55 V/V

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The NMOS transistor in the common gate amplifier as shown in the circuit below has gm = 5 mA/V. Find the input resistance and the voltage gain.^


A : Input resistance: 0.1 k? and Voltage gain: 3.05 V/V

B : Input resistance: 0.1 k? and Voltage gain: 3.05 V/V

C : Input resistance: 0.2 k? and Voltage gain: 3.05 V/V

D : Input resistance: 0.2 k? and Voltage gain: 7.1 V/V

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What kind of behavior can phase rule identify?


A : Molecular behavior

B : Linear behavior

C : Curvic behavior

D : Atomic behavior

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What kind of particles can phase rule be applied to?


A : Micro

B : Nano

C : Pico

D : Heavy particles

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Which of the following equilibriums can phase rule be applies to?


A : Isometric

B : Isobaric

C : Isometric and Isobaric

D : Mechanical

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