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Application of Phase Rule to One Component System GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Application of Phase Rule to One Component System. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Application of Phase Rule to One Component System

A plane is parallel to a base of regular cone and cuts at the middle. The cross-section is __


A : Circle

B : Parabola

C : Hyperbola

D : Ellipse

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During an experiment, a slight variation causes deposition of the component in its solid state. From the given data, calculate the amount of component deposited.^ Temperature at equilibrium=0^ Atmospheric temperature=217.7 k^ Pressure=200 atm


A : 0.006

B : 0

C : 217.7

D : 100

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If the following conditions result in the formation of a regular solution?


A : ? = 0

B : ? > 0

C : ? < 0

D : ? = 10

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In the general phase diagram of water component system, the region that separates solid and liquid is called ___


A : Fusion curve

B : Sublimation curve

C : Metastable curve

D : Critical curve

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Match the following.^ A. E < 1 i. Rectangular hyperbola^ B. E = 1 ii. Hyperbola^ C. E > 1 iii. Ellipse^ D. E > 1 iv. Parabola


A : A, i; B, ii; C, iii; D, iv

B : A, ii; B, iii; C, iv; D, i

C : A, iii; B, iv; C, ii; D, i

D : A, iv; B, iii; C, ii; D, i

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The cross-section is a ___ when a plane is inclined to the axis and cuts all the generators of a regular cone.


A : Rectangular Hyperbola

B : Hyperbola

C : Circle

D : Ellipse

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The curve formed when eccentricity is equal to one is ___


A : Parabola

B : Circle

C : Semi-circle

D : Hyperbola

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With respect to the general phase diagram of two component system. Identify the type of solution formed at the eutectic point.


A : Regular solution

B : Steady state solution

C : Invariant solution

D : Transition solution

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With respect to the phase diagram of copper zinc system. There happens a phase transition at a particular point. There happens an equilibrium shift consequently. At which point will zinc reach its maximum concentration?


A : Some point between transition and shift

B : After transition

C : Before shift

D : At the end of both transition and shift

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