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___ jets produce micro gas turbines.


A : Bladon

B : Turbo

C : Bladon & Turbo

D : None of the mentioned

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At what temperature do ice crystals form?


A : Lower than 0?C

B : More than 0?C

C : At 0?C

D : At 4?C

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How to prevent sugar from crystallizing?


A : By evaporating

B : By boiling

C : By adding an interferent

D : By adding an humectant

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Hybrid electric vehicles are powered by ___


A : turbo shafts

B : micro gas turbines

C : turbo jets

D : none of the mentioned

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In micro turbines generator is integrated with ___


A : turbine shaft

B : combustor

C : turbine shaft & combustor

D : none of the mentioned

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Is crystallization dependent on agitation?




C : -

D : -

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Micro turbines are based on ___


A : weight

B : size

C : micro combustion

D : none of the mentioned

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Micro turbines have __ power to weight ratio.


A : constant

B : low

C : high

D : none of the mentioned

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What happens when a crystal grows in size?


A : It becomes softer

B : It becomes smoother

C : It becomes rough

D : It becomes coarsely

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Which of the following statements about frozen water are correct?^ Statement 1:Water molecules slowed down and arrange themselves into fixed positions.^ Statement 2: Water molecules freeze in a triangle pattern.


A : True, False

B : True, True

C : False, True

D : False, False

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