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__ instances are encoded using the number of bytes declared in the schema.


A : Fixed

B : Enum

C : Unions

D : Maps

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__ permits data written by one system to be efficiently sorted by another system.


A : Complex Data type

B : Order

C : Sort Order

D : All of the mentioned

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___ are used between blocks to permit efficient splitting of files for MapReduce processing.


A : Codec

B : Data Marker

C : Synchronization markers

D : All of the mentioned

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Atbash cipher was originally used for encrypting ___


A : english alphabet

B : greek alphabet

C : hebrew alphabet

D : hindi alphabet

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Avro messages are framed as a list of ___


A : buffers

B : frames

C : rows

D : none of the mentioned

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The __ codec uses Google's Snappy compression library.


A : null

B : snappy

C : deflate

D : none of the mentioned

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Which of the following cipher does not require a key for encrypting plain text?


A : atbash cipher

B : affine cipher

C : playfair cipher

D : vigenere cipher

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Which of the following cipher is a special case of affine cipher?


A : Vigenere cipher

B : Autokey cipher

C : Atbash cipher

D : Hill cipher

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