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__ phase merges the counts for unique ngrams or ngram fragments across multiple documents.


A : CollocCombiner

B : CollocReducer

C : CollocMerger

D : None of the mentioned

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__ generates NGrams and counts frequencies for ngrams, head and tail subgrams.


A : CollocationDriver

B : CollocDriver

C : CarDriver

D : All of the mentioned

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A key of type ___ is generated which is used later to join ngrams with their heads and tails in the reducer phase.


A : GramKey

B : Primary

C : Secondary

D : None of the mentioned

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Falling film evaporators are a subclass of long tube evaporators.




C : -

D : -

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Falling film evaporators are considered over climbing film evaporators because of which one of the following factor?


A : Efficiency

B : Product holdup

C : Driving force requirement

D : Temperature sensitivity

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Falling film evaporators can be operated in ___


A : Counter-flow with the vapour

B : Co-current flow with vapour

C : Both co-current and counter-current

D : Separate segments in any direction

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The ___ collocation identifier is integrated into the process that is used to create vectors from sequence files of text keys and values.


A : lbr

B : lcr

C : llr

D : lar

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The tokens are passed through a Lucene __ to produce NGrams of the desired length.


A : ShngleFil

B : ShingleFilter

C : SingleFilter

D : Collfilter

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